10 episodes! Thank you! To celebrate, Kim and Mikayla loosen up the conversation and put their years of friendship to the test - how well do they real...View Details

This week, Kim and Mikayla talk with their friend Mckinlee, another Materials Engineer at Chevron!

This is Zoom Doom

A classic quarantine episode: Kim and Mikayla discuss how their professional lives have been affected by the pandemic and the pros and cons of being v...View Details

This week, Kim and Mikayla talk with Alex Cuevas, a Materials Engineer at Chevron. Alex shares a refreshing perspective as a new father, a male engine...View Details

Unfiltered Trailer

In this week's episode, Kim and Mikayla get personal and share some of their biggest regrets from college. If they could go back, they would probably ...View Details

This week is a very special episode - Kim and Mikayla have their very first guest on the podcast and celebrate their four year friendship anniversary ...View Details

Backgrounds for Baddies

In this week of Unfiltered, Kim and Mikayla dive deep into their very different upbringings and reflect on how their childhoods did, or didn't, influe...View Details

Continuing the conversation from last week, Kim and Mikayla answer additional questions sent in by their listeners. Tune in to hear real, unfiltered s...View Details

This week, Kim and Mikayla answer some of YOUR questions across a range of subjects - from discussing imposter syndrome as female engineers to reveali...View Details

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