Science Facts and Snacks

Episode 20!! To celebrate, Kim and Mikayla had some fun - a friendly competition involving science facts and trivia questions.

Inspiration in Education

We are back with a brand new guest this week! Join us as we talk with one of Mikayla's most influential teachers - Mr. Steven Eno. As a STEM teacher, ...View Details

Discussing Moral Quarrels

This week, Kim and Mikayla discuss a very interesting topic - should you work for a company that doesn't align with your morals? This is a very common...View Details

A Gripe About Stereotypes

Join us as we discuss the stereotypes of female "nerds" in today's media. Ever noticed a trend with how intellectual women are portrayed in movies and...View Details

Time to Control our Goals

Happy New Year! A new year means new goals, so this week, Kim and Mikayla provide their favorite tips and advice to set personal, academic, and profes...View Details

Happy holidays! Kim and Mikayla spend this last Sunday of 2020 reflecting on their year. Looking back at the movies, books, and music that got them th...View Details

Bikinis in Business

This week, Kim and Mikayla discuss a controversial topic - the effect that posting bikini pictures on social media has on one's "professionalism." Ref...View Details

This week Kim and Mikayla reflect on the announcement of Time's first "Kid of the Year," 15 year old innovation enthusiast, Gitanjali Rao.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for all of the advice Kim and Mikayla received when applying to graduate school, they wanted to share what they learned w...View Details

This week, Kim and Mikayla chat with Sierra Gamez, a fellow female engineer from UC Irvine. As a first generation student, Sierra shines some light on...View Details

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